Meet Kathi


With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Kathi Kulesza has mastered the art of transforming managers into inspiring leaders. Her journey, spanning roles from a management trainee to executive leadership, has equipped her with profound insights into leadership, communications, and conflict management. Kathi’s expertise is not just in leading but in empowering others to lead with vision and assertiveness.

As a UNLV Hotel Administration graduate and a certified coach, Kathi has impacted over 20,000 aspiring leaders across 600+ events. Her approach is tailored to the unique challenges and aspirations of each team, ensuring that her insights resonate deeply and create lasting change. Kathi specializes in helping leaders and teams navigate through uncertainty, fostering a culture of assertive confidence and proactive problem-solving.

What sets Kathi apart is her ability to ask the right questions – those that prompt rethinking and open new perspectives. Her sessions are more than just learning experiences; they are transformative journeys that equip business leaders and their teams with actionable strategies, leveraging their strengths and stretching their capabilities.

Based in Las Vegas, Kathi’s life is as vibrant and dynamic as her career. When not traveling, speaking, or coaching, she cherishes moments with her family, especially her nieces, and her adorable Yorkie-Bichon, Sissy. Kathi’s personal touch extends beyond her professional life, as she enjoys connecting with friends and family and volunteering at her church, reflecting the same warmth and genuine care she brings to her professional engagements.

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